It’s A Bird No It’s A Plane

Plane 01-22-13-TUE

Taken on my way to dinner. Timestamp: 01-22-13-TUE-1711.

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Camaro Under Post Lamp

Camaro 01-22-13-TUE

Taken as I was leaving dinner at Laredo’s. Timestamp: 01-22-13-TUE-1844.

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I See A Sea Turtle

I See A Sea Turtle 01-22-13-MON

Taken while sitting in my truck during lunchbreak at work. Timestamp: 01-21-13-MON-1453.

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Random Outdoor Scenery

Outdoors 01-18-13-FRI

This past Friday while I was out getting a photo of the sunset, I got bored waiting around for the sun to find the perfect height over the trees I needed for the photo I wanted to shoot. So after I got two sunsets photos, I decided to venture off into the woods off the side of the highway to take a few random photos of the scenery. This is one of about 10 photos I took. Maybe I’ll post some more from that day in another post sometime as I have a few favorites shot during the 15 minutes or so I wandered through the trees that day. Time stamp: 01-18-13-FRI-1705.

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Little Bird Resting In My Front Yard Tree

Little Bird 01-20-13-SUN

Just as I was about to climb into my truck, I saw this bird sitting up near the top of the tree in my front yard as I was heading out to see what the sunset might look like this evening. So I decided to sneak around the side of my truck and try taking a picture before he flew away. I got lucky to take several photos actually. Time stamp: 01-20-13-SUN-1647.

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Pink Sunset On Saturday


Time stamp: 01-19-13-SAT-1713. Taken while on my last break at work. I meant to post this last night when I came home but got distracted with trying to clear my head after a long day and I forgot. 🙂

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Morning Frost

Morning Frost 01-19-13-SAT

Time stamp – 01-19-13-SAT-0800. Second frost of winter 2013. Taken in my back yard just before leaving home to go to work.

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