Links to wordpress sites on this page are to blogs I either follow specifically or wanted to link to so I could visit from time to time.

WordPress Blogs I Follow – Art & Photography

  1. Artmark – Oil Paintings by Mark Toner
  2. Eric’s Bad Birding Blog – Bad Birding, Bad Photography, Good Times.
  3. Footsteps – Photos by Flora.
  4. For The Love Of Clouds – Two of my favorite photo subjects are featured here… birds and clouds.
  5. Gary Schollmeier – Gary’s life in photos.
  6. Hiking Angeles Forest – This is Kyle’s photo blog and I highly recommend giving it a visit. I love his nature photos.
  7. Jukkatolppi Photography
  8. Krahn Pix – Nature photos.
  9. Leaf And Twig – Where observation and imagination meet nature in poetry.
  10. My Botanical Garden – Plants and flowers.
  11. Not Yet There – A walk through the world between places.
  12. Peerless Cynic – Nature photos.
  13. Photography Art Plus – Lot’s of flower photos.
  14. Scott Marshall Photography – Awesome photography from a photographer in Scotland.
  15. Talains Photography Blog – Nature photos. I am a big fan of his bird photos.

WordPress Blogs I Follow – WordPress Help

  1. One Cool Site Blogging Tips – WordPress blogging tips, tools & tutorials.

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