Sunset Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Sunset 05-22-13-WED

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated my blog. Sometimes I just forget…. and I keep forgetting lol….. here is one of my snapshots from the sunset this evening. For those following my blog, yes I am still working on my sunset photo book that I started working on back in November 2012. So far I’ve taken probably 1400 – 1500 photos while working on this project. I guess that must mean I have some actual intention to see this project through…. which is amazing considering how easily distracted I can be at times 🙂

Enjoy the photo. Also if you haven’t already gotten a free copy of my photo book titled No Rain click here to download a free copy in easy to read pdf.


About David

My name is David, and I am an amateur photographer, nature enthusiast, night owl, and gadget geek, into social networking, and blogging. I love movies, and music of all sorts, and especially love taking day trips to outdoor places especially where water is located. I also love dining out occasionally for the shear pleasure of being served a nice meal. In other words I'm just a normal guy who enjoys simple things in life :-)
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