Out Driving On Tuesday Evening December 11th, 2012

Out For A Drive 12-11-12-TUE

This photo was taken at 5:07 p.m. on Tuesday, December 11th, 2012. I was heading out for dinner when I took this photo. I had been out a little earlier trying to get a photo of the sunset but was not successful because it had been raining…. and by the time I drove into town the sky was starting to clear up a little bit but it was getting dark and this was as close to a sunset photo I could get for that day. You can see what’s left of daylight in this picture from where the clouds were breaking up and I almost didn’t get this photo, and if it weren’t for my camera having a voice activated feature I probably would have missed it. I was happy with how this photo came out and this is one of my favorite bridges to snap photos on when I’m driving so you may see more photos from this street in the future.


About David

My name is David, and I am an amateur photographer, nature enthusiast, night owl, and gadget geek, into social networking, and blogging. I love movies, and music of all sorts, and especially love taking day trips to outdoor places especially where water is located. I also love dining out occasionally for the shear pleasure of being served a nice meal. In other words I'm just a normal guy who enjoys simple things in life :-)
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