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Sunset On Andrews Road Sunday, January 28th, 2013

It’s always hard to choose a photo to show in a blog post that I won’t be including in my upcoming book because I take so many I just to show them all…… but in order for the book to … Continue reading

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Sunset On Andrews Road Sunday, January 28th, 2013 (Video)

Just thought it would be fun to make a short video showing the location where I go to take my sunset photos at that I am collecting for my upcoming book. 🙂

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Backyard Birds – Sunday, January 28th, 2013

The backyard has been full of birds this afternoon. I wanted to take a short video to capture a few of them and to also try out video recording on my Galaxy Note 2 for the first time since buying … Continue reading

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It’s A Bird No It’s A Plane

Taken on my way to dinner. Timestamp: 01-22-13-TUE-1711. Also check out these posts I have liked recently… Sethsnap – Ft. Ancient: The River Bzebza – Magic Path Jukkatolppi – Aavasaksa Leaf and Twig – Winter’s Crop Peerless Cynic – sunday … Continue reading

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Camaro Under Post Lamp

Taken as I was leaving dinner at Laredo’s. Timestamp: 01-22-13-TUE-1844.

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I See A Sea Turtle

Taken while sitting in my truck during lunchbreak at work. Timestamp: 01-21-13-MON-1453. Also check out these posts I have liked recently… The Forester Artist – Sun And Moon Bruce Czopek – The Old Soft Shoe Jukkatolppi – Lonely Moon The … Continue reading

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Random Outdoor Scenery

This past Friday while I was out getting a photo of the sunset, I got bored waiting around for the sun to find the perfect height over the trees I needed for the photo I wanted to shoot. So after … Continue reading

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